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About Us

Dorthea Pailin, CEO

As Owner/CEO, Dorthea Pailin has created a staffing structure to provide 24-hour support for its residents. Dorthea Palin developed a model of home care from witnessing her aunt care for aging individuals in her home.  Those residents were treated with compassion and were embraced as part of the family. This inspired Ms. Pailin to open her first assisted living facility in 2006, with her mother Victor Brooks spiritual guidance and support.

Dorthea's experience with the residents her aunt took in gave her understanding and incited a passion for care that she would put to practice.  As a result of the quality of care and relationship she has established with the residents in her assisted living homes, she has garnered recognition with other health care professionals for her prowess and reputable work in the care of her residents.  She continuously receives accolades from health care providers.

Dorthea Pailin’s 19 years of experience and ability to develop qualified staff ensures the success of her home care facility.
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